New Netherlands—Extreme Ecologies

On Thursday February 7, 2019 Geert van der Meulen, Researcher at Delta Urbanism, presented his graduation project called ‘New Netherlands’, projecting the spatial outcome of extreme sea level rise in the country, to Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management) with the aim of inspiring… Read More

Recent PhD Defenses – Delta Urbanism

We are very much glad to share the accomplishment of three PhD Thesis successfully defended in the past months. Warmest congratulations to our dear Doctors Yuting Tai, Veronica Zagare, and Anne Loes Nillesen! Yuting Tai PhD thesis: ‘Changing Values on Water in Delta Cities. The… Read More

NEXT-EXTREMES: Constructed Natures

New Research Project: NEXT-EXTREMES: Constructed Natures Beyond the limits of the city—cultivating territories as a counteract to extreme weather and environmental loss  Starting from a reconceptualization of the field of infrastructure and environment in planning, engineering and design, NEXT-EXTREMES aims at developing a new set… Read More

North Sea Landscapes of Coexistence – Final Symposium

                                  Delta Interventions Graduation Studio 2017-2018 — North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence Delta Urbanism Interdisciplinary Research Programme Presents: One-day Symposium and Exhibition  North Sea Landscapes of Coexistence Transitional Spaces,… Read More