NEXT – Extremes / Constructed Natures

New Research Project: NEXT – Extremes / Constructed Natures Next generation infrastructure design under conditions of extremes Starting from a reconceptualization of the field of infrastructure and environment in planning, engineering and design, NEXT aims at developing a new set of design principles which are responsive… Read More

Graduation Days – D-i Studio 2017-2018

Delta Interventions Studio 2017-2018 North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence Transitional Spaces, Infrastructure and Power Closing the year with an extraordinary feeling of pride of this beautiful group of architects, urbanists, landscape architect and water manager. For all their dedication and work, addressing the complexity of… Read More

Landscapes of Coexistence – the day in Pictures

Landscapes of Coexistence One-day Symposium and Exhibition End-of-the-year Event July 12, 2018 The symposium was organised by the Delta Interventions Graduation Studio 2017-2018 — North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence as part of Delta Urbanism Interdisciplinary Research Programme / DIMI Delft Deltas, Infrastructure & Mobility Initiative. The… Read More

North Sea Landscapes of Coexistence – Final Symposium

                                  Delta Interventions Graduation Studio 2017-2018 — North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence Delta Urbanism Interdisciplinary Research Programme Presents: One-day Symposium and Exhibition  North Sea Landscapes of Coexistence Transitional Spaces,… Read More

Book Launch: IJsselmeer: a spatial perspective

IJsselmeer: a spatial perspective Autor: Frits Palmboom Vormgever: Piet Gerards Publisher: Vantilt IJsselmeer: a spatial perspective looks at the area from various angles: geomorphology, history, planning and the economy. The book studies spatial features, presents design proposals for the future, and at the same time considers the… Read More

New: Transitional Territories Studio 2018-2019 North Sea

“I am most touched by those places where damage and grace are inextricably entangled.” Frank Gohlke, Thoughts on Landscape Transitional Territories Studio 2018-2019 North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence. Altered Natures and the Architecture of Extremes In collaboration with MVI North Sea Energy Lab — Special… Read More