Seminar on the Paraná Delta

Thursday, October 11th 15:00 – 17:00 hs TUDelft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment Room U The Paraná Delta is a heterogeneous and relatively ‘wild’ territory in Argentina which covers around 22.000 km2. The delta is subjected to increasing pressures resulting from climate change… Read More

NEXT-EXTREMES: Constructed Natures

New Research Project: NEXT-EXTREMES: Constructed Natures Beyond the limits of the city—cultivating territories as a counteract to extreme weather and environmental loss  Starting from a reconceptualization of the field of infrastructure and environment in planning, engineering and design, NEXT-EXTREMES aims at developing a new set… Read More

Landscapes of Coexistence – the day in Pictures

Landscapes of Coexistence One-day Symposium and Exhibition End-of-the-year Event July 12, 2018 The symposium was organised by the Delta Interventions Graduation Studio 2017-2018 — North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence as part of Delta Urbanism Interdisciplinary Research Programme / DIMI Delft Deltas, Infrastructure & Mobility Initiative. The… Read More

North Sea Landscapes of Coexistence – Final Symposium

                                  Delta Interventions Graduation Studio 2017-2018 — North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence Delta Urbanism Interdisciplinary Research Programme Presents: One-day Symposium and Exhibition  North Sea Landscapes of Coexistence Transitional Spaces,… Read More

Book Launch: IJsselmeer: a spatial perspective

IJsselmeer: a spatial perspective Autor: Frits Palmboom Vormgever: Piet Gerards Publisher: Vantilt IJsselmeer: a spatial perspective looks at the area from various angles: geomorphology, history, planning and the economy. The book studies spatial features, presents design proposals for the future, and at the same time considers the… Read More