Water Sensitive Cities and Neighbourhoods

Urban spaces and landscapes in deltas, coastal/ maritime and riverine regions are the result interventions by a number of institutions, responsible for different tasks such as urban design, flood risk management, water management, traffic control. We aim to explore how collaboration and integration of these different tasks can lead to new designs, with more spatial coherence and quality, more possibilities for adaptation-pathways and substantial cost-reduction.

Theme Leaders:

dr. Fransje Hooimeijer, dr.arch. Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin
prof.dr.ir. Arjan van Timmeren, dr. Steffen Nijhuis, dr.ir. Inge Bobbink, dr. Diego Sepulveda, ir. Filippo LaFleur

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Resilient Infrastructure and Environment

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Related Publications/ Examples: 

Hooimeijer, F. (2014) The Making of Polder Cities: A Fine Tradition. Jap Sam Books. p. 264 

Bacchin, T.K. (2015) Performative Nature. TUDelft A+BE – UNESCO-IHE PhD thesis, Delft, December 2015.

Related Education: 

Transitional Territories Graduation Studio

Flowscapes Graduation Studio

EMU Post-Master in Urbanism Spring Semester

Related Graduation Projects/ Examples: 

Junzhong, C. (2018) Reverse: Urban landscape Infrastructure Design Based on Carrying Capacity of Landscape Structure Towards New Urbanization Logic – TUDelft A+BE MSc thesis, July 2018.

Dewan, R. (2017) Tragedy of the Commons?: Local Adaptation to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of sea level rise in San Francisco Bay Area. TUDelft A+BE MSc thesis, July 2017.

LaFleur, F. (2016) Re-Territorialization. TUDelft A+BE MSc thesis, November 2016.

Andrusenko, E. (2015) Versatile London: Water resilient urban design in fast changing conditions. TUDelft A+BE MSc thesis, June 2015.


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