Metropolitan Delta Landscapes: water systems as a mean of spatial improvement

The explosive character of urban development in many deltas leads often to chaotic and fragmented urban patterns, combined with an increase of flood risk, an exhaustion and erosion of the territory and the deterioration of the ecosystem. The question is how a new (and necessary) organisation of the water system can contribute to halt the erosion of the territory and to reduce flood risk, as well as to improve the spatial coherence and the ecological quality of the delta region.

Theme Leaders:

dr. Steffen Nijhuis, dr.arch. Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin
with Han Meyer, dr. Fransje Hooimeijer, Inge Bobbink, dr. Diego Sepulveda, dr. Daniele Cannatella, dr. Nikki Brand, dr. Baukje Kothuis, ir. Janneke van Bergen

Related Research Projects:

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Integrated Planning and Design in the Delta (IPDD)

Related Publications/ Examples: 

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Related Education: 

Transitional Territories Graduation Studio 

Flowscapes Graduation Studio

Related Graduation Projects/ Examples: 

Novkovikj, M. (2018) Open space as a structuring device: Towards integrating territory. EMU Post Master in Urbanism – TUDelft A+BE MSc thesis, July 2018.

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Exposure (2010), Antony Gormley. Foto: Allard Bovenberg