Fluid Grounds & Thick Water. The Architecture of Territories at Risk

The theme focuses on critical aspects of territories at sea, deltas, and riverine landscapes, on a rigorous analysis of the ever-changing interrelations between spatial, juridical, environmental and geopolitical systems. We aim to research new ecologies, forms of living, productivity, and architecture that are informed by these interrelations, exploring the notions of connectivity, synchronicity, sensitivity, risk, and emergence as instances of urbanisation. At the core is the idea of the agency of design in disclosing historical processes and political decisions, and in projecting new spatial interventions that would address the state of criticality and risk.

The interdisciplinary graduation studio ‘Transitional Territories’ related to this theme focuses on a projective approach to waterscapes — exploring the programmatic dimension and the changing nature of territories at risk.

Theme Leaders:

dr.arch. Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin, dr.arch. Hamed Khosravi
prof.dr.ir. Han Meyer, prof.ir. Dirk Sijmons, dr. Fransje Hooimeijer, dr. Diego Sepulveda, ir. Filippo LaFleur, dr. Daniele Cannatella, ir. Geert van der Meulen

Related Research Projects:


Integrated Planning and Design in the Delta (IPDD)

JPI Urban Europe Green/Blue Cities

Related Publications/ Examples:

Meyer, V.J., Van den Berg, J., Bregt, A., Broesi, R., Dammers, E., Edelenbos, J., Nieuwenhuijze, L. and Roeleveld, G. (2013). New perspectives for urbanizing deltas : a complex adaptive systems approach to planning and design : Integrated Planning and Design in the Delta (IPDD). Amsterdam, MUST Publisher – 233p

Related Education:

Transitional Territories Graduation Studio

Related Graduation Projects/ Examples:

van der Meulen, G. (2018) New Netherlands: Towards transitional flood risk management anticipating to extreme future sea level rise scenarios. TUDelft CEG/A+BE/TPM MSc thesis, July 2018.

Cygansky, J. (2018) North Sea: Everything Remains Transformed. TUDelft A+BE MSc thesis, July 2018.

Zhang, Y. (2018). Sharing Fluid Ground: A Landscape of Co-existence Building upon the Unstable “New Land” Along the Coast of Stavanger. TUDelft A+BE MSc thesis, July 2018.

Krishnan, S. (2017) The Middle Ground: Spatial Planning Under Uncertainty. EMU Post-Master in Urbanism – TUDelft A+BE MSc thesis, July 2017.


Li Binyuan Drawing Board 100 x 40 2017. MoMA PSI, New York City, NY, USA © MoMA PSI 2018