Lets Talk About Water Film Festival – Masterclass / Water Micro-Movie Festival 2018

This week Delta Interventions Studio ‘North-Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence’ is hosting the Master-Class “Between Water and Land: a look at thresholds” under the framework of Let’s Talk About Water Movie Festival (see program).

During the Master-Class, graduate students of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at TU Delft (Delta Interventions Studio and Flowscapes Studio) will be working on the theme of thresholds. As A. Mathur and prof. D. da Cunha (both professors at University of Pennsylvania) state: “… flood is only the condition if the water crosses the line which was drawn, if there is no line there are no floods.”  This intensive program is structured into two parts: a series of selected lectures on narration and media strategies in project communication and a Workshop where students will learn how to script and build a storyline to convey the essence of their project. As a final product, each student is expected to develop a micro-movie to deepen the investigation on the theme.

The movies will be screened on Friday 9th February (15:00 – 17:00) to an expert panel and the public, during our second ‘Water Micro-Movie Festival Awards’ at TU Delft Library: ‘The Orange Room’.
Don’t missed it!

Visiting experts include:
Linda Lilienfeld
Director Let’s Talk About Water 
Tamar Shafrir
Writer and researcher in the extended field of design at Het Nieuwe Instituut, NL and Space Caviar
Martina Margini and Renzo Sgolacchia
Independent curators and researchers at Cinema Architecture
Frans van Ditzhuijzen & Thijs van Dalen
Working on the transitional space between graphic design, spatial design and art at 
Studio Bureau
Laurence Henriquez
Writer and researcher at AMS Institute
Prof. Terje Tvedt (expert panel)
University Bergen, Filmmaker, Geography, History, History of Water, Nile
Emanuele Fantini (expert panel)
IHE Water governance, Water diplomacy, visual communication, Nile Water Lab

On Tuesday, 6th February, the Master-Class will host a special program by Cinema Architecture at Filmhuis Lumen (Delft), Cinema Architecture will present Itinerant Movies’ research on the work of Robert Smithson and his films.

Taneha Bacchin (D-i Studio/ Delta Urbanism TU Delft)
Hamed Khosravi (D-i Studio/ Delta Urbanism TU Delft)
Inge Bobbink (Flowscapes Studio/ Delta Urbanism and Landscape Architecture TU Delft)
Linda Lilienfeld (Lets Talk About Water)
Jerome van Dam (Lets Talk About Water)

Download here the LTAW_Poster A2