D-i 2017-2018 Studio – North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence. We started!

Last week Thursday, September 7th we officially started our MSc. Architecture/ MSc. Urbanism/ MSc. Landscape Architecture/ MSc. Water Management — Delta Interventions Graduation Studio 2017-2018!

North-Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence. Transitional Spaces, Infrastructure and Power
— See here the introduction slides

The first two weeks of the studio are part of the graduation orientation/ enrolment period of the MSc. Urbanism track. The final studio group will be set after the conclusion of the orientation period on September 18th.

Studio Summary:

  • Risk and beyond: exploring a projective dimension towards the sea (and/or triggered by the sea), and in the specific context of the North Sea region;
  • Exploration of the limit: the notion of “limit” as conceptual framework at the base for an explorative design research in the North Sea region;
  • Water related design as a creative (or, conversely, innovative) form for reimagining Architecture/Urbanism/Landscape Architecture/Water Engineering purpose and their collective character


Studio Meta-Themes
Natural and Socio-Economic Dynamics Shaping the North Sea Landscape
Climate Change Adaptation/ Dealing with Extremes

North Sea: 4 Studio Themes

1. Imagination
(Inhabiting Space and Time / Temporalities)
           North Sea as Tabula Rasa: What lies beneath
           A Journey with no End

2. Re-Nature
(Design with Nature / Performative Design)
          Landscape as Infrastructure
          Where the Sea meats the Land
          The City as a Symbiotic Construction

3. The Limits of the City
(From Cities to Urban Systems / Territorialism)
          North Sea as a Border
          Cities of the North Sea: Densify!

4. Ecologies of Power
(Political Ecology of Urban Form / Economies of Scale)
          North Sea as the State of Exception
          North Sea as an Energy Hub
          North Sea as Free Economic Zone: Post-Brexit scenarios
          Landscapes of Logistics: Infrastructure and Micro-Politics


North Sea: 4 Geographies

1. North Netherlands-Germany – from Bremen (Weser Estuary) to Den Helder, including the northern dutch islands
2. Dutch-Flemish Delta – from Rotterdam to Antwerp
3. South-east UK coast – from the coast of Norwich to the Thames Estuary
4. Norwegian South-west coast – from Bergen to the Skagerrak Strait (Kristiansand)













Studio Theories & Methods
System Thinking: Designing with Layers, Scales and Times
Site Specificity: Urban Landscape Dynamics, Narratives & Values
Performative Design: Process-Based Design
Dynamic Adaptation (Designing with Uncertainty)/ Climate Adaptation
Landscape Urbanism/ Sustainability & Liveability
Landscape Ecology/ Landscape Infrastructure
Green-Blue Infrastructure Design/ Water Sensitive Design/ Building with Nature
Integrated Spatial Planning & Flood Risk Management
Territorialism/ Infrastructure Spaces


Courses Starting Fall Semester 2017-2018
AR3D020 Delta Interventions Studio — 15 ECTS
AR3D012 Aspects of Water Related Design — 6 ECTS
AR3AP020 Tutorial Research Methods — 3 ECTS
AR3A160 Research Methods — 6 ECTS
AR3U100 Delta Interventions Studio — 20 ECTS
AR3U040 Graduation Orientation — 2 ECTS
AR3U012 Thesis Plan — 4 ECTS
AR3U022 Theory of Urbanism — 4 ECTS


Studio Activities Week 1 – 4
The Agency of Mapping:
reading the territory of the North Sea and its dynamics


  • A survey of a selected area on the North Sea shore.
  • A survey of one of the themes posed or emerging from the North Sea
    (In the first phase of the course students will familiarise with the context and issues associated with the North Sea. More specifically the course will provide a series of seminar sessions where the tutors and a series of invited guests will discuss aspects of designing in/for the North Sea. In this phase the students will work in groups.)

Learning Outcome:

  • Students will be able to read and manipulate maps and to explore themes.
  • Students will be able to select salient aspects of a map and of a theme and to express them through drawings.


Studio (Thursday):
13:30 – 17:30 Pin-up (10 minutes per group)
Studio (Friday):
13:30 – 17:30 Desk-crit (development comments from pin up; definition to do list for next week)


Studio Program: Week 1 -6/9