Territory as a Project – the day in Pictures

Territory as a Project
One-day Symposium and Exhibition on Extreme Ecologies, Infrastructure, and Forms of Life.
December 11, 2017

The symposium was organised by the
(D-i) Delta Interventions Graduation Studio 2017-2018 — North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence
as part of Delta Urbanism Interdisciplinary Research Programme / DIMI Delft Deltas, Infrastructure & Mobility Initiative.

The day aimed at framing a transition moment: from the first months of collective work focusing on research on the North Sea Region (Sept. 2017 – Dec. 2017), towards the final months of individual work focusing on design (Jan. 2018 – Jun. 2018)  the making of a transcalar territorial project in one of the four geographical sites of concern in the North Sea Region. The design must be informed by and responsive to instability and change.

The Symposium had the presence of 3 distinguished speakers reflecting on the different meanings of the territorial project and its representation in space and time. Parallel to the Symposium, the Exhibition installation — made by D-i 28 graduate students from the tracks of Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape Architecture, Water Management and Policy Analysis — provided a space for the sharing of the student’s concepts ideas before the upcoming full development of their graduation thesis. The projects were represented by 3 means: a physical model 25x25cm, a projective image, and a short narrative or manifesto.

Dr. Arch. Hamed Khosravi
Dr. Arch. Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin

Dr. Arch. Marina Otero Verzier  Het Nieuwe Instituut, Royal College of Art
Dr. Arch. Godofredo Pereira  Royal College of Art, Forensic Architecture
Dr. Arch. Pier Vittorio Aureli  Architectural Association, Yale School of Architecture

Delta Interventions Graduation Studio
Geert van der Meulen
Elise van Herwaarden
Gerben van den Oever

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