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D-i Studio 2017-2018
D-i Studio 2016-2017
D-i Studio 2015-2016

Delta Interventions (D-i) is an interdisciplinary graduation studio (architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, hydraulic structures & flood risk, water management, policy analysis) focusing on the transformations of urbanised/urbanising delta landscapes – the dynamic relation between natural processes and societal practices in both opportunities and threats for future urbanisation.

D-i has a strong emphasis on the agency of spatial interventions in the production of territories, forming a narrative of space occupancy over time. The studio investigates the possibilities to combine flood protection and water management strategies with urban design, landscape design and spatial planning, aiming at improving spatial forms and structures in urban and metropolitan delta regions.

Part of Delta Urbanism Interdisciplinary Research Group, the studio develops design and planning approaches and methods which contribute to make urban delta landscapes more sustainable, attractive and adaptive. In this context, infrastructure space is analysed and designed as a medium – manifesting the programmatic dimensions and the multiscalar nature of the territorial project: architecture, urban design and landscape design. The studio takes stock of the mutual relationship between architecture, engineering and the territory to explore potential paths forward in design thinking and practice.

— Themes & Methods
Urban Landscape Dynamics, Narratives & Values
Performative Design/ Process-Based Design
Dynamic Adaptation (Designing with Uncertainty)/ Climate Adaptation
Landscape Urbanism/ Sustainability & Liveability
Landscape Infrastructure (Green-Blue Infrastructure Design/ Water Sensitive Design/ Building with Nature)
Integrated Spatial Planning & Flood Risk Management
Territorialism/ Infrastructure Spaces
Public Works (Buildings)

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Studio Leader Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin, t.bacchin (at)

D-i Studio 2016-2017 San Francisco Bay Resilience by Design: Genealogy of Adaptation – Relation Map between D-i projects/ design principles