Humanität – Cities as human habitats: Interviews Delta Urbanism

Series of short videos/interviews on the topics Delta Urbanism and Multifunctional (Green/Blue) Infrastructure in the Netherlands by Arch. Carolina Nunes, guest researcher Delta Urbanism Research Group (April – May 2017).

— Interview: Delta Urbanism
“What we can build with nature instead of against nature”, explains Professor Dr. Han Meyer, University of Delft. That’s the essence of new projects to Rivers and Cities in the Netherlands.

Delta Urbanism Interview arch. Carolina Nunes and prof. Han Meyer







— Interview: Multifunctional (Green/Blue) Infrastructure in the Netherlands
Blue and green infrastructure, i.e. water and parks, has the aim to solve functional issues of the city in an economic way and at the same time improve the environment to people and nature. For example, the Water Squares in Rotterdam is a part of urban drainage, at the same time it is a leisure and sports place, improving population’s health. That’s multifunctionality in urban design. Dr. Taneha Bacchin, Delta Urbanism research group at Technical University of Delft, explains how this concept is being used in the Netherlands.

Green/Blue Multifunctional Infrastructure Interview arch. Carolina Nunes and dr. Taneha K. Bacchin






Carolina is a Brazilian Architect, German Chancellor Fellow Supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Guest Scientist Lehrstuhl für Städtebau und Regionalplanung, Fakultät für Architektur, Technische Universität München.
Her research projectRiver-Cities – Environmental Issues and Public Spaces: new planning strategies as interconnection of administrational expertise and activities of the civil society in cities” has the aim to understand the relation of rivers and cities. She concentrates specifically on the relation of nature, urban and public spaces, considering the rivers as a central point to build sustainable resilient cities and cities for people.