Graduation Days – D-i Studio 2017-2018

Delta Interventions Studio 2017-2018
North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence
Transitional Spaces, Infrastructure and Power

Closing the year with an extraordinary feeling of pride of this beautiful group of architects, urbanists, landscape architect and water manager. For all their dedication and work, addressing the complexity of issues, the transcalarity, and the interdisciplinary approach proposed by our study.
— Delta Interventions (Transitional Territories) Studio Team

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Ailsa Craigen

Aikaterina Myserli

Geert van der Meulen

Yelin Zhang

Jie Wang

Deniz Üstem

Jan Michael Cyganski

Xiaoyue Hu

Junzhong Chen

Fathima Nafeesa Hamza

Alexandra Farmazon

Wenxin Jin

Ye Hu

Joanna Kosowicz


Gerben van den Oever

Neil Moncrieff

Malou Visser | Qing Ma | Shaoning Wu






















































Ailsa Craigen/ Deniz Üstem/ Efrain Fajardo Ibarra/ Elise van Herwaarden/ Fathima Nafeesa Hamza/ Gerben van den Oever/ Joanna Kosowicz/ Julia Holtland/ Karlijn Scholtens/ Mihai Turtoi/ Xiaoyue Hu

Aikaterina Myserli / Alexandra Farmazon/ Jan Michael Cyganski/ Jie Wang/ Junzhong Chen/ Neil Moncrieff/ Niroopa/ Qing Ma/ Shaoning Wu/ Ye Hu/ Yelin Zhang/ Yi-Chuan Huang/ Wenxin Jin

Landscape Architecture
Malou Visser

Water Management
Geert van der Meulen

Instructors/ Mentors:
Architecture & Urbanism
Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin Hamed Khosravi
ir. Stefano Milani
Nicola Marzot
Fransje Hooimeijer
dr. Diego Carmona Sepulveda
ir. Kristel Aalbers
ir. Filippo laFleur
Landscape Architecture
Inge Bobbink
dr. Steffen Nijhuis
Denise Piccinini
Building Technology
ir. Sjap Holst

Studio Leaders:
dr.arch. Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin
dr.arch. Hamed Khosravi