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Recent PhD Defenses – Delta Urbanism

We are very much glad to share the accomplishment of three PhD Thesis successfully defended in the past months.
Warmest congratulations to our dear Doctors Yuting Tai, Veronica Zagare, and Anne Loes Nillesen!


Pearl River Delta – Courtesy NASA. Image created by Jesse Allen Landsat 3 MSS data provided by the University of Maryland’s Global Land Cover Facility. Landsat 7 ETM+ data provided courtesy of the Landsat Project Science Office, NASA/GSFC. Yuting Tai
PhD thesis:
‘Changing Values on Water in Delta Cities. The case of Guangzhou in China’s Pearl River Delta’.
Promotor: V.J. Meyer  
Dr. L. Qu
Defence date:
11th September 2018





Parana Delta Courtesy Jacques Descloitres, MODISRapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC Veronica Zagare
PhD thesis:
‘The dichotomy of urbanising deltas: Towards a method of planning and design. The case of Lower Parana Delta, Argentina’.
Promotor: V.J. Meyer
Dr. D.A. Sepulveda Carmona
Defence date:
17th October 2018




Dutch Delta – Courtesy Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC Anne Loes Nillesen
PhD thesis:
‘Spatial quality as a decisive criterium in flood risk strategies. An integrated approach for flood risk strategy’.
Promotor: V.J. Meyer
Copromotor: M. Kok
Defence date:
7th January 2019

PhD Research Projects

Anne Loes Nillesen, Flood-risk strategies from a spatial quality perspective Veronica Zagare, The dichotomy of the metropolitan delta: Buenos Aires and the Parana Delta Liang Xiong, Scale and time dimensions in the evolution of the Pearl River Delta Yuting Tai, Guangzhou – towards a water… Read More

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Seminar on the Paraná Delta

Thursday, October 11th
15:00 – 17:00 hs
TUDelft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Room U

The Paraná Delta is a heterogeneous and relatively ‘wild’ territory in Argentina which covers around 22.000 km2. The delta is subjected to increasing pressures resulting from climate change as well as from urban development of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires and other cities along the edges of the delta. Veronica Zagare, urban planner from Buenos Aires, will discuss the future of this delta with experts from Deltares, involved in the Paraná delta as consultants.

(see here the Seminar invitation)

15.00 Welcome by Prof. Han Meyer, moderator

15.10 Presentation on the Paraná Delta, by Verónica Zagare.

15:30 Presentation on the cooperation project between the Netherlands and Argentina. Deltares team.

16.00 a 17.00 hs. Round Table

Free entrance for Delta Alliance community, Deltares team, TU-Delft PhD- and MSc students involved in delta planning issues, and other interested people.

In collaboration with Delta Alliance and Deltares.