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June/July, 2017
— Delta Interventions Studio 2016-2017
Graduation Days
P5 — Final Graduation Projects Presentations.
Adaptation (Resilience) by Design Studio
Joint Design Studio TUDelft – UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design

Geography of Risk San Francisco Bay. Flood Risk Location of 10 Project Sites








June, 2017
— Book Launch
The state of the delta.
Hydraulic engineering, urban development and nation building in the Netherlands.  Author: Han Meyer





June 28th, 2017
— Colloquium TU Delft – DIMI Deltas, Infrastructure & Mobility Initiative
Integrated Design & Engineering in Deltas

June 17th, 2017
— Archiprix 2017
Award Cerimony Archiprix Award





Congratulations Laura Langridge for the Archiprix Prize! D-i Architecture Graduate 2015–2016 Mentors: prof. Frits Palmboom, dr. Taneha K. Bacchin









June 12th, 2017
— Research Exchange/ Interview
Short videos/interviews 
on the topics Delta Urbanism and Multifunctional (Green/Blue) Infrastructure in the Netherlands by Arch. Carolina Nunes, guest researcher Delta Urbanism Research Group (April – May 2017).

Delta Urbanism

Green/Blue Multifunctional Infrastructure






June 6th, 2017
— Urbanism Cross Cutting Seminar
Planning for Flood Resilience.
How do the US and Dutch planning systems perform regarding flood resilience?
Organised by dr. Nikki Brand and prof. Phill Berke