Delta Urbanism is an interdisciplinary research program of the Department of Urbanism, TU-Delft, which investigates the possibilities to combine flood protection and water management strategies with urban design, landscape design and spatial planning, aiming to improve spatial forms and structures in urban and metropolitan delta regions. We develop design and planning approaches and methods which contribute to make urban delta landscapes more sustainable, attractive and adaptive.

Research Leaders Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin (Research and Education Coordinator) 
Steffen Nijhuis

Program Members Han Meyer (emeritus Professor of Urban Design Theory & Methods) 
Frits Palmboom (emeritus Professor of Van Eesteren) Inge Bobbink Fransje Hooimeijer Diego Sepulveda Carmona
dr. Nikki Brand (TUDelft DIMI Deltas Infrastructure & Mobility)
Baukje Kothuis Hamed Khosravi
ir. Filippo laFleur

North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence (Transitional Territories Studio) Leaders Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin Hamed Khosravi

Post-doc Researcher
dr. Daniele Cannatella (Section Landscape Architecture)

PhD Researchers
ir. Anne Loes Nillesen
ir. Dai Wei
ir. Janneke van Bergen
ir. Veronica Zagare
ir. Xiong Liang
ir. Yuting Tai

Guest Researchers Catherine Venart (Dalhousie School of Architecture, Halifax, Canada)
Meltem Delibas (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)
arch. Carolina Viviane Nunes (Humanität · Lehrstuhl für Städtebau und Regionalplanung, Germany)

Student Assistant
Elise van Herwaarden

Danielle Karakuza